Mobile Platform

The Mobile Platform offers structure, accountability & safety

The mobile platform offers programs the option to have participant monitoring and accountability, get daily check-ins, send and receive secure messages, and alert others if the individual is at risk.

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Integrated with the Portal

The mobile platform is integrated with the program portal for management of individual users, personal calendars, surveys or questionnaires, and reports.  Set up a member of the portal and the technology automatically adds them as a member of the mobile platform.

secure phone

Delivers Secure  Messages

HIPAA compliant messaging lets you send secure messages back and forth with participants directly from the web interface or your smart phone. Messages can be sent individually or broadcast one or more groups and are received on the mobile phone but accessed through the application to ensure complete privacy for the individual.

personal calendar

Integrated with Personal Calendars

Members have personalized calendars, managed in the portal, for administrators to add events, meetings, or appointments.  One or more text reminders can be scheduled to ensure the individual attends with links back to the portal to see event details.

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Delivers Questionnaires

Create a short questionnaire in the portal and deliver it to individuals or groups in the mobile application. Individuals can respond in the mobile application or on the portal.  Portal administrators can receive alerts if people don’t respond or if the response creates a concern or need for action.

GPS tracking

Geolocation & Check-Ins

The mobile application can be programmed to ask individuals to check in for appointments or events scheduled on the personal calendar.  The application will geo-locate the individual to ensure they are where they are supposed to be for the check in.

smart watch

Wearables Monitor Vitals

Integration with wearable technology is underway to monitor the individual’s blood oxygen, heart rate and blood alcohol.  The wearable continually synchs with the mobile application and if issues are detected, the system automatically alerts and sends help to prevent potential overdose.