Frequently Asked Questions

Who adds content to the Collegiate Recovery Hub?

The staff of InterAct Lifeline find the content and post it to an online database for review.  Once the content is reviewed and approved it is added to the hub site.

How do you decide what content to add?

Content must come from respected sources and not be promoting a treatment program.  We look for content that is current (2015 or later), that is easy to read, has educational value and fits into one of the content categories we currently have.  Content is screened by multiple individuals before it is added to the hub site.

What types of content can I find on the Collegiate Recovery Hub?

We strive to have a variety of content to engage different types of audiences.  Some content is viewable directly on one of our portals with our document or video viewer.  Other content is presented in summary form with a hyperlink to read more from the original website.  Content can be in the form of articles, presentations, resource guides, videos, infographics, reports, blogs and more.

Can content be shared with others?

Each portal has a unique email share button that allows the viewer to share content with others.  Click "1-Touch Email Share" and the system opens up your email client, creates a link to a content landing page, and allows you to add a personal message.  The landing page sits outside of the portal and can be viewed without logging in.

Can a portal approve content before it goes live?

Yes.  We can turn on post approval for every catalog or for specific catalogs.  Content coming from the Collegiate Recovery Hub will go into a holding queue so the portal administrator can review and approve it, allowing it to go live.

Can a portal select which catalogs and their content they want to appear?

Yes.  Portal owners select the catalogs they would like to appear and only those catalogs are connected to their portals.  

Can we request additional content categories or content types?

If a portal owner would like additional content categories, we have a feedback form that allows them to make a suggestion.  More categories will be added as programs give us their requests.  If certain content types are more desired (i.e. videos or infographics), the content curators will focus on those content types.

Is there a way to gauge the type of content a portal's audience likes?

Yes.  There are two ways to understand what content your audience likes.  There is a post report that shows you all of the content views and shares.  Site members have the option to review content, giving it a rating and adding comments.  Those content reviews appear in a report.