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Technology in the service of recovery

We provide collegiate recovery programs with a steady stream of high quality content & education delivered to their customized and branded portals so they can become highly efficient, serve as many participants as possible, raise awareness of the program, educate their audiences and generate funding to operate.

LifeLine's technology becomes a collegiate recovery program "in a box".

We provide branded and customized online portals for a collegiate recovery program designed to automate their processes and educate and communicate with their audiences. Portals connect to a centralized online hub site that delivers content and education on a continuous basis. Portals are easy to manage by collegiate recovery staff members or program participants.

content distribution
The hub site delivers content and education on a continuous basis

The Collegiate Recovery Content Hub chooses the most relevant, highest quality information from respected sources, filters it and organizes it into categories for presentation to individuals in collegiate recovery programs, their families, educators, or others interested in how to support the collegiate recovery effort.

Sample Content